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Surviving Summer Funtimes: Week the Fifth

A short post this week as I spent three days of it unwell. Not sure if it’s hormonal tsunamis or migraines or the flu, but I was quite miserable and unable to function. It’s been beautiful out, so no fewer than three neighbors spent those same days working on roofs, decks, or other construction projects from 8 am to about 4, adding to the already solid chorus of landscaping activities. These are not things that make a migraine/hormonal surge/flu any better, but they are part of life here in Pleasant Valley. Continue reading Surviving Summer Funtimes: Week the Fifth

We’re Not the Bloodhound Gang, But There’s Trouble and We’re There on the Double

Everything they say about Labs is true.

I now call him Dogus, as does most of the family, and since he doesn’t respond to any name, nor to most commands, nor to squeaky toys, it’s purely for my own amusement.

In the last four weeks, he’s eaten my daughter’s birthday cake, an entire loaf of bread, two blueberry English muffins, a bag of potato chips, two donuts (and the box), and…


half of a raspberry danish.

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The kids narrowed it down to each of their personal favorites.


Kuiper (as in Kuiper Belt, pronounced “KIE-Per”)


My kids are science nerds.

The entire family expressed their displeasure with my suggestions of Loki, Darth, and Ziggy, and even quicker to express their disdain over my suggestion of Matt Damon.

My husband suggested Angus. I was onboard. The kids, because they are nine and five, said it was bad because “Angus” sounds too much like “Anus”

They were protesting too much to hear me mutter all the things “Astro” sounds like.

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