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Sunday Inspirations

what inspires you

I’m in an editing spiral at the moment. One can only dig so deeply for so long in an attempt to make the messy thought process something uncluttered enough to enter a reader’s brain.

It is when I edit that I most crave inspiration, to be nourished by the brilliance and passion of others.

Here is some of what has sustained me:

A lush dinner with good friends at this terrific find last night. If you’re anywhere near Evanston, IL, please check out this restaurant. Go and sit by the fire, enjoy a chat with a very knowledgeable barkeep, and for goodness sake, try the gnocchi. It’s hygge in a bowl. I’d also suggest bringing my friends along. They are good for laughing-to-tears moments. They also don’t ask to split one dessert among six people.

If you need a laugh and an example of an outstanding pilot episode, watch this. Then watch the following ones.

Between extended David Bowie auditory marathons, I found this. Interesting.

I bought a bread machine. So far, so good. The dough gets nice and sproingy. I’m spending this cold day working through The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook. I’ve a thick stack of Post-it Notes at the ready.

The Goldfinch continues to delight. A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again continues to challenge and prod.

What is currently inspiring you?