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Sunday Inspirations

what inspires you

I’m in an editing spiral at the moment. One can only dig so deeply for so long in an¬†attempt to make the messy thought process something uncluttered enough to enter a reader’s brain.

It is when I edit that I most crave inspiration, to be nourished by the brilliance and passion of others.

Here is some of what has sustained me:

A lush dinner with good friends at this terrific find last night. If you’re anywhere near Evanston, IL, please check out this restaurant. Go and sit by the fire, enjoy a chat with a very knowledgeable barkeep, and for goodness sake, try the gnocchi. It’s hygge in a bowl. I’d also suggest bringing my friends along. They are good for laughing-to-tears moments. They also don’t ask to split one dessert among six people.

If you need a laugh and an example of an outstanding pilot episode, watch this. Then watch the following ones.

Between extended David Bowie auditory marathons, I found this. Interesting.

I bought a bread machine. So far, so good. The dough gets nice and sproingy. I’m spending this cold day working through The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook. I’ve a thick stack of Post-it Notes at the ready.

The Goldfinch continues to delight. A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again¬†continues to challenge and prod.

What is currently inspiring you?