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I’m On the Belladonna Today!

Hello friends!

Today, the Belladonna published my humor piece, 11 Games to Help You Adult. I’d be awfully pleased if you checked it out.

The Belladonna works to give a platform to traditionally marginalized voices in comedy. Perhaps not coincidentally, Vulture called them “The New Onion” by and labeled “One of Seven Humor Websites You Should be Reading” by Paste Magazine.

Getting published on the Belladonna is a bucket-list item for me. Happy day!

Really, I’m Fine — April 2019 Month in Review

Dear everyone in charge of scheduling things, especially children’s activities: A friendly reminder that there are actually twelve months in a year in play here, not just a five-week span from mid-April to mid-May. Continue reading Really, I’m Fine — April 2019 Month in Review