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Homeward Bound Demented Demon Cheerleaders – July 2020 Month in Review

It’s a few days late for this month in review, but what does time even mean anymore? July is the weekend of summer. Even now, especially now, July feels etched in my memory both dabbed in watercolor, hazy and sprawling and drawn with Sharpie, angular and indelible.

July was a time of online camps for my kids, and of trying to find outdoor activities that don’t give me the heebie-jeebies or put me on high alert. It was a time for creative celebrations of July 4, long leisurely meals on the deck, and regularly going out to watch the sunset in all its glory. These all sound a lot better right now than they actually were at the time.

Like many of you, my greatest preoccupation in July was in making difficult decisions about the kids returning to school, and supporting the same decisions as they are made, wrenchingly and with absolutely no sense of ease, by my friends for their own children and/or for their own careers.

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New Piece Up on McSweeney’s

Good day to you, friends! I have a new piece up on McSweeney’s!

Please feel free to click over and check it out, then definitely pour yourself some coffee and poke around the site. There’s so much good material on there!

Huge thanks to the good folks over there for many many reasons.


Image from McSweeney’s Internet Tendency