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August 2018 Month in Review — Messy Buns Worn on the Crown


A short post, to be followed by a longer post sometime this weekend.

August here at Casa Pick was largely covered in the Surviving Summer Funtimes series. We’ve begun school and are in the difficult phase where nothing is routine yet, so we invest excessive emotional energy in getting to the right places at the right time and doing things the right(ish) way.  Continue reading August 2018 Month in Review — Messy Buns Worn on the Crown

Nevertheless We Persisted

Weeks ago, there was a call for submissions to a special audiobook-first publication of essays and poems. The project was called Nevertheless We Persisted, and I submitted my work for consideration.

I am proud to say that my essay, “The Myth of 15 Minutes,” was selected to be part of that anthology, and the incredibly talented Lauren Ezzo narrated my piece to perfection, catching every nuance and infusing it with humor and warmth.

Blunderwoman Productions described the process and the project on their website:

BlunderWoman Productions collected thoughts on love and loss, on struggle, or how you’ve overcome hardship. These are poems, stories and essays from writers across the country and in India and Britain. Some are funny. Some are sad. All them have heart and a deep truth. 

Each piece has been paired with a talented narrator (or performed by the author themselves) to bring their story to life. 

Original music provided by Jennie Knaggs and Nick Shillace of Lac La Belle.

Original cover design provided by Kim Hindman of 10 Digit Press. 

We hope this piece will encourage and inspire others to fight the good fight, keep on keeping on, and celebrate a little more of the joys in life. 

 25% of the proceeds (after publication costs) will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Nevertheless We Persisted is now available to hear (the project may eventually also be available as a book).

Here is a sample of one of the pieces, a poem written by Kass Hillard and read by Janina Edwards, “Women Rise Up.”

You can now purchase the anthology on Audiobooks, Audible, or borrow it via Hooplah.