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More from the world of WOW! Women on Writing.

I’m pleased as punch to share that an essay I wrote for their quarterly contest made the top three. You can check out my essay and the many fabulous other winners over at WOW.

Then poke around the site. There are so many good resources for writers, but so much of the advice also applies just to Life Itself in all sorts of circa-1984-Prince.

Many thanks to WOW!

New Interview Up at Wow! Women on Writing

Good day to you!

I am pleased to announce an essay of mine, “The Deep Down Tumble” was a runner-upĀ in the second ever WOW! Women On Writing Creative Nonfiction Contest.

Part of that honor was to get interviewed by the folks over at WOW. Boy, do they know how to get to the crux of a writer’s process. No glib answers, just stark truths about writing, influences, and inspiration.

You can read the original essay here.

The interview based on that essay is here.

Heartfelt thanks to the people over at WOW! Women on Writing.



When You Dip I Dip We Dip (Then Throw the Container Away)

Before now, the longest I’ve lived in any one house was seven years at one childhood home; the longest I stayed at one job was ten years, and that was probably for three years too long. Now, as we’re in Year Eight at our current location, Continue reading When You Dip I Dip We Dip (Then Throw the Container Away)