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October 2018 Month in Review — Love Points and Interrobangs

Oh, October, you tempestuous beast, you. You offered a few celebrations in my small little world, but beyond our doors, the world went to hell. Again.

Or maybe the world just established permanent residency in hell. Who’s to say? Continue reading October 2018 Month in Review — Love Points and Interrobangs


I hold my breath when I write. I hold my breath through a sentence or a paragraph. I exhale when it’s safely on paper.

I wrote this week. I had thoughts on my writing this week.

A lot of what my book seems to want to be about is finding your voice in dark times.

The events of this past week — shootings and letter bombs and unimaginable sorrows and increasingly dark times for the most vulnerable among us — provide too much real fodder for the work.

There are many feelings now — anger, dismay, fear. These feelings are a constant for some of us, stoked by the occasional (or not-so-occasional) event that for most people are just sad news stories.

I’m just sitting with that today until I exhale.




It’s Time to Start

I’m not sure I’m good enough to write this story, but I am good enough to try.

See that stack of notecards? That’s the book. Also in this picture are earplugs, my crappy reading glasses that give me a headache, a referral card for an endodontist, some magic elixir, a corrector pen, a mood ring, and my lucky fake succulent, among other junk. I think that’s about right.


This week as I finalized and outline and uttered every curse word I know while maneuvering through the heavenly hellscape that is Scrivener, I alternated between panic, despair, and occasional breaks-in-the-cloud rays of optimism.

My goals are: Continue reading It’s Time to Start