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I can’t dismiss out of hand the possibility of past lives because I bend over in the bathroom.

Stay with me here.

Every time I bend over in the bathroom, I have a terrible sense that I’m going to crack my head on the counter, or on an open cabinet, or on the little bench we have in there. The weird thing is, I always, always, turn away from all counters, drawers, or pretty much any surface if I have to tie my shoe, or scratch an ankle, or floof my hair. It doesn’t matter how much empty space is around me. It doesn’t matter how conscious I am of my surroundings. I always have this sense that I’m going to bonk my head hard.

I only get this feeling in the bathroom.

I have never clocked myself in the head, in the bathroom or any other room.

Perhaps the only utterly scientific explanation is some weird sort of déjà vu a past life. Of course, it is also possible that I have clocked myself in the head, perhaps multiple times, and I just don’t remember it beyond some dusty corner in my brain that is too woozy to warn me properly by the usual channels of memory.