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It’s Time to Start

I’m not sure I’m good enough to write this story, but I am good enough to try.

See that stack of notecards? That’s the book. Also in this picture are earplugs, my crappy reading glasses that give me a headache, a referral card for an endodontist, some magic elixir, a corrector pen, a mood ring, and my lucky fake succulent, among other junk. I think that’s about right.


This week as I finalized and outline and uttered every curse word I know while maneuvering through the heavenly hellscape that is Scrivener, I alternated between panic, despair, and occasional breaks-in-the-cloud rays of optimism.

My goals are: Continue reading It’s Time to Start

Surviving Summer Funtimes: Week the Third

The weather much of the past week was a horrible cross between science experiment and cruel joke. The air was warm and pudding-thick, testing my deodorant, the sticking power of my SPF (huge, drippy fail as far as my eyeballs are concerned), and the boundaries of my hair. On the Fourth of July, I applied for an emergency follicular zoning permit.

If you were in the northern hemisphere on the planet Earth this past week, you know what I’m talking about. Continue reading Surviving Summer Funtimes: Week the Third