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May Month in Review — or Is It Just Me?

I realize I’m likely alone in this, but plopping Mother’s Day down in the middle of May was a pretty snarky thing to do.  The reasoning probably has something to do with springtime and flowers (and the history of the holiday itself is fascinating and a little tragic), but for Pete’s sake, people.

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April Month in Review — Floods

These month-in-review posts are a self-indulgent treat for me – I get to sit and navel gaze about my own habits and activities, likes and dislikes, reads and view over the past weeks. I was all set to go about looking at the last 30 days when April showers turned to flood.

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March Month in Review — QED and Amen

I’m not a huge fan of pranks. Never have been. I find them to largely be mean-spirited, intended to humiliate.

No, I’m not fun at parties and I will not lighten up. You know who else is not fun at parties? Batman. You know who is probably fun at parties? The Wonder Twins.

QED and amen.


Here, the big April Fools’ Joke is that the jokes in my house were pretty terrible because all pranks were largely driven by my kids. They gave themselves the giggles by covering up the last “ps” on the package of Peeps. Hilarious.

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