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Greatest Hits

The plan for this week: Write about public excellence, public mediocrity, and the anguish of both.

God laughs and whatnot.

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Surviving Summer Funtimes or Anything at This Point

I lightly call my summer blog post “Surviving Summer Funtimes.” And honestly, I have no reason to believe my children or family or neighbors will necessarily get to survive anything anymore. We all go out in public, to school, to work, to concerts and restaurants, to places of worship, to the outside, and we run the risk of not returning. Continue reading Surviving Summer Funtimes or Anything at This Point

Lucky Me! New Interview with WOW! Women on Writing

Hi there!

I am honored to have been interview again by the fabulous folks at Women on Writing. We spoke of writing humor and trying not to lose it completely when our kids start playing instruments.

You can read the essay the interview is about here.

And the interview itself here.

My deepest gratitude to WOW for all they do for writers. Come for the writing guidance, stay for the outstanding fiction and non-fiction!