Pruning the Peace Lily – April 2020 Month in Review

I have one houseplant, a peace lily, probably, which I was given my last day of teaching. Its name is Wolverine, for it is practically indestructible (at least for a few decades) no matter if I water or don’t water, if I feed or don’t feed, if I give it too much or too little sun, if it’s cold or warm.

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The best practice in my life, and the hardest, is mindfulness. These days it more effort than usual, but I am trying to be aware of a lot inside and out. My emotions, my needs, my wants, my heath, my “battery levels,” as well as all those for my kids, husband, friends, and family. Beyond that, the world: what’s happening, how can I help, how much do I need to know. Hovering above myself monitoring it all, making sure the balance is good…well, more on that in another post. But it’s a lot, all this watching and looking and seeing.

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