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February Month In Review — Deep, Weird, and Life-Changing Magics

Ah, February, the longest short month we have. Or maybe just the grayest. Either way, here we are again. Bills due, pages to turn, a time change looming.


February was a noisy month, the din of the world encroached on my little family – the news, the day-to-day grimness, lingering coughs, one massive windstorm leading to an impressive explosion as a transformer blew at 3 am, and the godforsaken nap prophylactic: local weekend skeet shooting.

I’ve been awaiting this next part of 2018 for a long time. As we “spring ahead,” so too does life and my career. My family and I have some opportunities (both collective and individual) in the coming months, holy yesses we’ve shouted uncertainly to the skies. More on all of that as things unfold in their due time.

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I Call Them “Athleisure Trousers” OR Sun Chips in the Light of Dey

My kids needed pants.

They have pants.

They did not want to get new pants.

But they needed pants.

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I have been working on a cute little piece about today being my kids’ 100th day of school this year.

A piece with jokes about what 100 things might also mark this auspicious occasion (i.e. reminding them to brush their teeth every morning for the last 100 days.)

The only thought I have today is that this year, I’ve sent my kids to school 100 times praying that they stay safe. 100 times this year they’ve come home without having been shot. They’ve also not been shot at in a theater, an arcade, a house of worship, or a city street.


Yet is the word that hisses and begs to be added to that sentence in the interest of honesty and possibility.

I won’t repeat the memes and the anguished data points right now. I will note with disgust that other than obfuscation and pissy folks trying vainly to be keyboard constitutional scholars…

nothing will be done.