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Go Tell It on the Mountain of Post-Its

Every piece of writing advice ever swirled around my head this past week. Every story and article and essay I’ve read. Every movie and show I’ve watched. Every song, every conversation, every moment.

It’s terrible.

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The Real Dealth, Bad Hair Weeks, and MIB

I do most of my prewriting by hand, and much of my work this week involved exploring the concept of “death” – which I keep adding the letter “l” to and writing as dealth. I looked up “dealth” and learned it is an obsolete word meaning “a share dealt out.”

Obsolete words are such a romantic thing, reinforcing the idea of language being a living thing. The word “obsolete” itself was the first vocabulary word-of-the-day (we called them “Super Words”) we had back in sixth grade. Tip of the hat to Mrs. Proctor, and no, I don’t remember what the other 179 words were.

Which is all just to say that I fell down a few rabbit holes this week.

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Royal Nonesuch Humor Writing Contest

I am humbled and thrilled to announce that my essay “MAGAP US Exceptionalism” received an honorable mention in the Mark Twain Royal Nonesuch Writing Contest.

Here is a link to my essay.

Here is a link to the list of winners, their essays, and information about the contest and the Mark Twain House.

Thank you to all the judges and congratulations to everyone who was bold enough to press “submit.”