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I’m on The Belladonna Today!

Hello! I am thrilled to share that a piece of mine, “Your Football Talk is Ruining My Super Bowl Celebration” is up on The Belladonna.

It is my way of helping us all navigate the big game with partners whose priorities may be misplaced.

Whether you are Team Totchos or Team Scooperdome, wishing you a warm, festive, and safe Super Bowl Sunday.

Ducking Flying Dookie – September 2020 Month in Review

Where have I been all month? I have to look back at calendars and charts to double-check that time has passed, that I’ve grown older, the moon has waxed and waned and I have along with it.

My goal this last month was simply to write. I came here to blog a little more than usual. I am wary of committing to continuing that; whenever I do the proverbial shit flings itself onto the proverbial fan. Maybe ducking flying dookie is just how it’s going to be for a while.

Why no, I don’t write Successories posters. Why do you ask?

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