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Knit Picks

Shouldn’t I know how to do things?

Shouldn’t I know more?

Shouldn’t I be better at this?

Shouldn’t I have mastered something? Anything?

It’s been a week.

Back to school routines, assessment tests, extracurriculars. New schedules, feeling behind, racing everywhere morning ’til night. Tending to illnesses, celebrating milestones, squeezing in a shower whenever possible. Continue reading Knit Picks

Surviving Summer Funtimes: Week the Sixth

Tink. Frog. Rip out and start over.


I had to undo several weeks of knitting last night. Every pattern for something knit in the round tells you to be very careful before joining the knitting in a circle. If you have just one twisted stitch, it will turn your smooth round piece into a disastrous twisted curly-cue.

It took me four inches of knitting to realize that what was going on. It took me ten minutes to undo it. It’s called “tinking” (“tink” is, cleverly, “knit” backwards). It’s also called “frogging” because you “rip it” (i.e. “ribbit”) out.

It’s brutal and starting over is often the only solution.  Continue reading Surviving Summer Funtimes: Week the Sixth