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Carrying on Despite the Email Blitzkrieg

The house is quiet this morning.

The kids’ winter break started on December 21. I modified my schedule so that any work was more of the “clean up/set up/prepare/shallow dive” variety. Noise and festivities do not make for sustained writing.

It’s been a phenomenal break. We all exhaled, enjoyed, celebrated, and overindulged. I said yes (YES!) to things that, during the normal school year, usually get my hearty no. I worked through piles of magazines and books.

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Scooby-Dooed, but Shapelier

The beauty of the ThighMaster, if Suzanne Somers is to be believed (and I’ve no reason to doubt her), is that you can squeeze, squeeze your way to shapely hips and thighs (and stop going to aerobics classes.) Bonus feature? You can multitask! Master your thighs while you watch television, read a book, or, play shuffleboard, probably. I don’t know. I assume if I tried it, I’d manage to harm myself on the ThighMaster the same way I harm myself on nearly every other piece of exercise equipment known to man. Maybe I’d pinch large chunks of my tender thigh flesh in the hinge, or pull out my leg hair, or launch the thing into my crotch.

Just like on the treadmill.

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