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Right Here, Right Now 100 Grand — October 2019 Month in Review

I don’t like calling it left-over Halloween candy. It is Perfectly Timed Twix. It is Just What I Need Butterfingers. It is Right Here, Right Now 100 Grand. And they will give me succor because the only thing I want more than inspiration is chocolate-fueled inspiration. Continue reading Right Here, Right Now 100 Grand — October 2019 Month in Review

Cuts Like a Spice


It’s been quite a week or two.

There was a lot of racing around. Games, lessons, school events, pick-ups, and drop-offs. From 7:30 in the morning until 8 at night or later. Who needs to be where, when? What do they need? Uniform? Music book? Snacks? Extra things to do if we have to wait for a sibling? Is there gas in the car? Do I have sunscreen on?

Then the Universe decided to see if I wanted to level up. Continue reading Cuts Like a Spice

Knit Picks

Shouldn’t I know how to do things?

Shouldn’t I know more?

Shouldn’t I be better at this?

Shouldn’t I have mastered something? Anything?

It’s been a week.

Back to school routines, assessment tests, extracurriculars. New schedules, feeling behind, racing everywhere morning ’til night. Tending to illnesses, celebrating milestones, squeezing in a shower whenever possible. Continue reading Knit Picks