I’m On the Belladonna Today!

Hello friends!

Today, the Belladonna published my humor piece, 11 Games to Help You Adult. I’d be awfully pleased if you checked it out.

The Belladonna works to give a platform to traditionally marginalized voices in comedy. Perhaps not coincidentally, Vulture called them “The New Onion” by and labeled “One of Seven Humor Websites You Should be Reading” by Paste Magazine.

Getting published on the Belladonna is a bucket-list item for me. Happy day!

3 thoughts on “I’m On the Belladonna Today!

  1. Loved your piece, Jackie. Congrats! I always thought the Game of Life should be updated. My kids begged me to play with them which I found excruciatingly boring. I told them, “I’m already way ahead of the game.”


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