Surviving Summer Funtimes: Week the Fifth

A short post this week as I spent three days of it unwell. Not sure if it’s hormonal tsunamis or migraines or the flu, but I was quite miserable and unable to function. It’s been beautiful out, so no fewer than three neighbors spent those same days working on roofs, decks, or other construction projects from 8 am to about 4, adding to the already solid chorus of landscaping activities. These are not things that make a migraine/hormonal surge/flu any better, but they are part of life here in Pleasant Valley.

Which is not to say the usual nonsense didn’t happen.

My daughter provided a lot of drive-by random commentary as I stared at the ceiling trying not to move. Every so often she’d come in and do a lap around the bedroom. “My tongue is shiny today!” she’d say, or “I need to go show my brownie some love.”

One son has begun treating the dog (whom he nicknamed “Doggus” because we didn’t give this dog’s name enough thought?) as a Magic 8-Ball. As he was coming in from baseball practice the day, my son stood in the doorway and said:

“Doggus, since you are an all-knowing being, tell me, will camp be fun tomorrow?”

In response, the dog slithered through my son’s legs and ran out the front door, and around the neighborhood, where he proceeded to get skunked.




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