Night 7 of “If Hallmark Made Hanukkah Holiday Movies


After his mother (Julie Kavner) passes away from a terrible yet unnamed illness, cynical photographer Bill Hoffman (Adam Sandler) agrees to her unlikely deathbed request: travel to all the places she lived and get someone in each town to make and sell her traditional Jewish food.

He arrives in his mother’s hometown of Rye, NY the week before Hanukkah. The local gourmet market’s owner, Holly Kringle (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras) refuses to try his mother’s food because, as she puts it, “Ew.” She goes on to explain that the market is in financial danger and she can’t afford to take a culinary and cultural risk.

He offers to take publicity shots of her market in exchange for her selling one of his mother’s dishes. After some miraculous combination of increased food sales and his glossy glamour shots of Holly, the market is saved and the two admit they have the hots for each other.

But the real miracle of the holiday would be if anyone eats the stuffed miltz without needing a Tums.

credit unknown

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