Surviving Summer Funtimes 2019 — Week the Second

I memorialized our second full week of Summer Funtimes in a series of haiku I like to call…

500 Times

Kids ask “What’s for dinner?”
almost as often as I
say what's for dinner.

This very next dive
I’m sure will be the best one
Lemonade stands are
better in theory than in
Practice. No one's here.
My kids want to help
me at the grocery store.
Clean up aisle nine.
I don’t like critters.
Please don’t shove them in my face.
Extreme close-up frog
Drink your water, please.
Drink your water. Drink it all.
Drink your water, please.
I was not warned ‘bout
Putting sunscreen on wriggling.
children. Use caution.
Remember that time
when I sat and read a book?
Oh, it’s just a scratch.
Maybe a bruise. Or broken bone.
Minute Clinic Bound.
Why are you still up?
Didn’t this day wipe you out?
Dear God, go to sleep

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