Fixed Up — Watch It Now!

(A link to the film is at the bottom of this post)

A while ago, the luminescent Joy Guerrieri Borgardt and I began writing a script for what we thought would be a web series. Several thousand drafts and invaluable input from our brilliant Director of Photography and editor Jason Beaumont later, and we had a script for a short film.

Joy was the obvious choice to direct, as she has experience with live theater and short films. I created a production company (Melted Butter) and the process began. We secured locations and permits, cast some brilliant actors, hired the best crew in Chicago, and had an absolutely ridiculous filming schedule of two days. Cast and crew were beyond professional and, it turns out, really outstanding human beings in the base case.

Editing occurred at a brisk pace.

During the process, things happened of course. Job demands, relocations, a member of my own family got very ill and was in and out of hospitals during the entire production process…and yet, and yet, the work went on.

Fixed Up went on to win two awards:  

But the real award is hearing how our little film makes people laugh, which is no small thing these days.

We now share it with you. Ladies and Gentlemen, Fixed Up:


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