August 2018 Month in Review — Messy Buns Worn on the Crown


A short post, to be followed by a longer post sometime this weekend.

August here at Casa Pick was largely covered in the Surviving Summer Funtimes series. We’ve begun school and are in the difficult phase where nothing is routine yet, so we invest excessive emotional energy in getting to the right places at the right time and doing things the right(ish) way. 

It all feels like we’re hurtling towards something undefined yet nutmeg-flavored.

In “That’s FANTASTIC!” news: we’re all in various stages of a most insidious cold. Mine just started, so I look forward to the next four weeks where my “Bea Arthur smoking a pack a day” impersonation will be on-point.

You can tell I’m not 100% because I used the phrase “on-point.”

August MVP? Tylenol.

In the next post, I will be shifting my focus to leaving a trail of breadcrumbs as I begin writing a book while still also writing shorter pieces. And staying sane-adjacent. There will still be posts about me trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing moment to moment, so you’re welcome/I’m sorry.

My twins turned ten last week. Out of the corner of my eye, I get glimpses of how they will look at men. Those brief moments are humbling jolts of mortality and eternity.


Here are some highlights from August:

  • I went to a poetry slam in Chicago the other day. Featured were Raych JacksonJoaquina Mertz, and Olivia Gatwood, whose poem “Ode to the Women on Long Island” is worth the time.

Since that evening, I wear the messy bun a little higher on my head.

  • The best read by far was Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America. In my review of the book, I wrote that I felt it in my DNA. I know these places, these people. You might, too, and if not, you can get to know them intimately in this brilliant book.
  • Still binging on The Great British Baking Show. I just want to have puddings and picnic pies and biscuits, and hang out with Sue and Mel.
  • I’d love to do this to my hair, except I’d have to go to a salon, which I do only under extraordinary circumstances.
  • This is an interesting read about children’s clothing and how it’s affected by gender constructs.


And we carry on towards fall. I wish you a cozy corner, a great read, and something scrummy to snack on.

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