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Surviving Summer Funtimes: Week the Third

The weather much of the past week was a horrible cross between science experiment and cruel joke. The air was warm and pudding-thick, testing my deodorant, the sticking power of my SPF (huge, drippy fail as far as my eyeballs are concerned), and the boundaries of my hair. On the Fourth of July, I applied for an emergency follicular zoning permit.

If you were in the northern hemisphere on the planet Earth this past week, you know what I’m talking about. Continue reading Surviving Summer Funtimes: Week the Third

June 2018 Month in Review – Cramming and Graduation (Not in That Order)

Appropriately, or maybe not, I feel like I’ve graduated. Moved on. Next steps. Milestones. Caps and Gowns and Pants optional.

After the Second Great Office Flood on April 30, having to sort through papers, toss out old versions of myself, and write at the kitchen table, I’m finally back in my office. I feel much more official and slightly less fraudulent now that there isn’t a pile of laundry to fold mere inches from my laptop. Continue reading June 2018 Month in Review – Cramming and Graduation (Not in That Order)


More from the world of WOW! Women on Writing.

I’m pleased as punch to share that an essay I wrote for their quarterly contest made the top three. You can check out my essay and the many fabulous other winners over at WOW.

Then poke around the site. There are so many good resources for writers, but so much of the advice also applies just to Life Itself in all sorts of circa-1984-Prince.

Many thanks to WOW!