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Pirates, Vader, and Questionable Nose Boops

I have a lot to say about the ridiculous notion that “women aren’t funny.” While most people in comedy would balk at that, I have over a decade of experience in that world that confirms that there is a very narrow lane for women, a lane that thankfully more and more women are trying to widen.

That’s a deep discussion for another time (where I am more than happy to tell you how many times in various improv classes I was told to “be ok” with constantly being assigned to play a hooker because if I were any good, I could be THE SMARTEST HOOKER IN THE ROOM!).

I want to focus on the future. Namely on my daughter.

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Best Shorts Competition


A quick drop by to say that Fixed Up, the movie I co-wrote with the unparalleled Joy Borgardt(who also directed) has been accepted into the Best Shorts Competition. High fives to the entire talented team involved in this project, including the incomparable Jason Beaumont, who shot and edited the film and was overall a wonderful resource for this newbie.

The judging is later this month. Meanwhile, please enjoy this trailer!



In the Trenches with Hazmat Suits

Announcement: I’ve unlocked a new parenting level. Without my cajoling, my kids have shared and taken turns.

Sadly, it’s with the flu.


This month’s capsule wardrobe.


One was home from school all last week with one of those terrible, turn-of-the-century dry hacking coughs, body aches, and low fever. No medicines alleviated his symptoms. He couldn’t sleep at night because of the severity of the cough.

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