Pirates, Vader, and Questionable Nose Boops

I have a lot to say about the ridiculous notion that “women aren’t funny.” While most people in comedy would balk at that, I have over a decade of experience in that world that confirms that there is a very narrow lane for women, a lane that thankfully more and more women are trying to widen.

That’s a deep discussion for another time (where I am more than happy to tell you how many times in various improv classes I was told to “be ok” with constantly being assigned to play a hooker because if I were any good, I could be THE SMARTEST HOOKER IN THE ROOM!).

I want to focus on the future. Namely on my daughter.

And because I was a COMEDY STUDENT, I will give three examples. If you do not understand why three, then you are NOT A STUDENT OF COMEDY, LIKE I.

Six months ago, give or take, I got a crown on a back molar. A few days ago I received a text from a mother of a classmate of hers. Apparently, my daughter has been wandering around kindergarten telling people I have a gold tooth and am, therefore, a pirate. While this gives me not-insignificant kindy cred, I am left wondering if some of the parents are thinking I look like the World’s Beckiest Rapper.  And then I spend long minutes trying to craft some small talk to prove I am not a Becky if I run into these people at some school function. Then I realize that would probably be a pretty Becky move.

The other day, my daughter gave a veritable TedTalk that Darth Vader should change his name to Fred, because who would be afraid of Fred Vader?

I’ll be here all week!

Last weekend, my husband took my daughter to the doctor to get checked for an ear infection. As they waited, my husband let her borrow his phone so she could text me. All was fine — me trying to make her laugh, her responding with sunshine and rainbows…


She told me she was “booping my nose” but I’m not entirely convinced.


The future is bright. And so flipping funny.

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