NaNoWriMo Days 8-10: Farthest Away and Halfway Home

Life got in the way of updating the last few days, and I didn’t write too much the day of and after the election, but I’m back full force today.

I hit the halfway mark today, Day 10, and it feels good to refocus on what gives me purpose: putting thoughts onto the page. It feels in some way like a long hike to 50,000 and in other ways it’s not nearly enough. It’s a good feeling.


Day 8 Stats:

  • Essay: “The Real Christmas Newsletter” 584 words
  • Essay: “Errant Blue Lines” 737 words

Daily Word Count: 1321

Total Word Count: 23,058

Day 9 Stats:

  • Essay: “Nothing is Funny Today” 847 words

Daily Word Count: 876

Total Word Count: 23,934

Today’s Stats:

  • Essay: “Dyspepsia: The Choice of a New Generation” 2873 words

Daily Word Count: 2873

Total Word Count: 26,807


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