A Mother’s Vacation Gratitude Journal (Possibly Mine); or, Spring Break Point


Gratitude Journal Instructions — each day, write down 3-5 things for which you are grateful. Really search for the good things in life, and you will find they are bountiful.


  1. Flailing backpacks and shoes upon entering the front door mean the kids are excited for Spring Break to begin. We’re all looking forward to some downtime as a family.
  2. Last indoor football class of the season was tonight. Only five kids cried this time, and one twin’s bloody nose stopped after a couple minutes.
  3. The Gatorade vending machine was broken.
  4. We all fell asleep on the couch together at 7:30. Cozy, and charmingly cramped. Like my neck after two hours.
  5. Decided as a family to try different cuisines all week, a sort of Staycation Eat-Around-the-World Plan. Kids all asked for Mac and Cheese for dinner, so we started here in America. 🙂


  1. Kids wanted to cuddle up close with me for hours on end. I’m sure the blood and feeling will return to my extremities within a few hours. Also a good reminder that youngest needs new toothpaste.
  2. Unearthed a note from the depths of a backpack written earlier in the week by the school nurse reminding parents that kids need to be symptom-free or 24 hours before sending them back to school. That includes stomach flu, pink eye, fever, etc. We seem to have dodged a bullet, and glad the school is on top of it.
  3. Finally got one twin to engage in more than a monosyllabic conversation by asking him about Minecraft. I knew he had a lot of conversation bottled up. Didn’t think it would be three hour’s worth.
  4. Went to the library. The twins each picked out several trivia books.
  5. Made Spanikopita for dinner. Learned our smoke detector batteries are fully charged.



  1. Got a gnarly case of pinkeye thanks to previous days’ cuddling. Fortunately there is a minute clinic so convenient I could drive there with one eye closed.
  2. I can’t believe that at one point, for each child, I was worried about delays in speech development. Glad to be beyond that, and wish I could time travel and show myself the kids’ nonstop talking/fighting/singing/synonym-for-“butt”-finding. A good reminder not to worry so much.
  3. Boys very engaged in the trivia books and like sharing their information frequently and with verve.
  4. Husband looked at me when he was done working and suggested that I should take a walk while he got dinner ready. The fresh air was laced with the scent of lilacs and, after only 3/4 of a mile, I couldn’t hear my children arguing over the best way to ride my yoga ball down the stairs.


  1. Sunrise in late March is glorious. I am so lucky to have a child who never gets off school schedule and wakes when the sunlight breaks through his room. It’s good that I won’t have to get him back on schedule, and that his appetite is so healthy that he eats breakfast for three hours. I am also thankful that someday he will grow taller and will be able to get things himself.
  2. Twins still had piano lessons this week and learned the term “fortississimo,” which is how they played “Theme from Star Wars” and “Boogie Woogie” for the next six hours.  Simultaneously.
  3. Boys still liking the trivia books and sharing all the information therein, especially if I am on the phone for work. Trying to embrace their love of learning.
  4. Went out for dinner and the kids tried Japanese food for the first time. The owner of the restaurant was very understanding when youngest kept trying to catch all the fish in the indoor Koi pond with her chopsticks.
  5. The restaurant had beer.


  1. My phone lets me scroll through Facebook as I take my morning stroll. I’m happy my friends are in such warm places and enjoy tropical drinks overlooking. They all look so good in their bikinis; I’m glad I don’t have to  worry about fitting into a bathing suit because right now I am wearing four layers of clothing (it’s 32° here with a windchill of Planet Hoth). But at least it’s a dry cold.
  2. Little one is trying to be independent and write her own wrongs. Spent the day teaching her about boundaries and asking for help after she spilled nail polish, and then polish remover (acetone) on the wood table.
  3. The twins learned a little bit about resurfacing wood tables.
  4. Had enough Triscuits and string cheese to make dinner (“It’s tapas!”)

triscuits tapas


  1. The pediatric dentist had an opening!  No cavities! I told the children this was a special Spring Break Adventure.
  2. The dentist taught my kid how to wiggle his loose tooth more effectively, so he has been walking around wiggling his front tooth for hours on end, stopping only to stick his mouth in my face and push his tooth into weird positions with his tongue and ask me how it looks.
  3. We went to the park. It was 40°, but the damp, windy cold made me appreciate yesyesterday’s 32°.
  4. Super attentive during my walk today — noticed how many unmarked white vans there are driving around the neighborhood.
  5. Kids learned the international and complex history of pizza when we ordered out.


  1. Learned that the my son has taken an interest in music; his favorite band is “One Direction”.
  2. Headphones


  1. Took kids to Zootopia, a very sweet movie that made them stop spewing fabulous facts at me for 90 minutes.
  2. Only had to take youngest to the restroom 4 times.
  3. Glad I am not the parent of the child in the row behind me who seems destined for a 19th century consumption ward, because I’d feel really guilty about bringing her to a movie where all she was going to do was cough every 13 seconds.
  4. Purell


  1. No one got hurt.


  1. Nice long walk offered again by husband while entire neighborhood of children, tanned and tired of hanging out with their families came over to the house. I threw a box of Hostess cupcakes at them and headed for shelter
  2. Stared out the window blankly for a good two hours. A good reminder to take down all the Halloween decorations.


  1. The kids have wonderful teachers who will I’m sure be grateful to hear all about their adventures.
  2. Looking forward to freeing up some time by not filling in a gratitude journal anymore.



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