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Ducking Flying Dookie – September 2020 Month in Review

Where have I been all month? I have to look back at calendars and charts to double-check that time has passed, that I’ve grown older, the moon has waxed and waned and I have along with it.

My goal this last month was simply to write. I came here to blog a little more than usual. I am wary of committing to continuing that; whenever I do the proverbial shit flings itself onto the proverbial fan. Maybe ducking flying dookie is just how it’s going to be for a while.

Why no, I don’t write Successories posters. Why do you ask?

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Time, the Prankster God

Yesterday I participated in a Zoom. I find them exhausting as I try to focus on the speaker, yet cannot help but analyze my own face during conversation. Am I always so animated? Is it annoying? Does it seem insincere? Just what is going on with my forehead? Remembering the purpose of the meeting, I return focus to where it belongs. No one should be able to hover in front of their own face during a conversation, meta-analyzing themselves. It must affect the quality of these virtual interactions.

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Adopt, Adapt, Improve — August 2020 Month in Review

My dog has a nemesis, a stupid fat squirrel I’ve nicknamed Dumbo. Dumbo wants nothing more than to enjoy the seeds in our birdfeeder. Not content to roll around like Scrooge McDuck in the seeds that blanket the ground beneath the feeder, Dumbo tries to get into the bird feeder via the tree to which it is attached, scurry along the post, defeat the squirrel baffle, and eat from the feeder.

Dumbo is rarely successful, but he sure is committed and determined, if not oafish and stubborn.

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