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These Are the Small Blessings When the World Falls Apart – July 2020 Month in Review

In my office right now is me, a desk, a chair, my computer, a coffee mug, and the echo of potential in this space. I just sneezed and it sounded so biblical and so funny I laughed, which also echoed. Excellent. 

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The best practice in my life, and the hardest, is mindfulness. These days it more effort than usual, but I am trying to be aware of a lot inside and out. My emotions, my needs, my wants, my heath, my “battery levels,” as well as all those for my kids, husband, friends, and family. Beyond that, the world: what’s happening, how can I help, how much do I need to know. Hovering above myself monitoring it all, making sure the balance is good…well, more on that in another post. But it’s a lot, all this watching and looking and seeing.

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Can't Find Comfort in Kale

They – so many theys – say to keep a record. Write it down. For posterity. For history. For sanity.

During this awful beginning, I try to jot down a note. Dribs and drabs. A minute here, a half-hour there. What’s happening? Am I ok when things are not?

Short answer: no. Who is, really?

Fully aware I am not on the front lines of anything but my little family and their well-being. My little notes contain no first-hand horror, and for that, I am grateful and profoundly aware that is not the case for many.

So here are tiny dandelion seeds I’m blowing out there. Messy weeds I’m spreading everywhere in an attempt to figure out where to land in this new reality of absolutes.

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