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Surviving Summer Funtimes 2018 — It Begins

The first in a series of posts that are supposed to be weekly but probably won't be because it's summer break and I will definitely be incapacitated by ALL THE FUN within a few days.  To both record the summer fun and to be considered fun at parties that I'm not invited to, I will share with you weekly notes about my family's dangdongdarnit summer funtimes. Short notes, though, because I am too busy making sweet summer funtimes to have much time do anything like hide in my office and write while they knock at the door and wail plaintively.  In fact I would assume that the Funtimes will be so time consuming that by early July, these entries will be but two words.

We’ve been on summer break for almost 25 hours now, and I’m calling it — I am the best mother ever and my children will have the most unbelievably perfect summer since the invention of the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine.

Today, the first full day of vacation, I woke the kids up early because the boys had an early dentist appointment to have their first “getting braces” prep, which for one of them involved getting a tooth pulled. He will be spending the rest of the day jamming wads of gauze into the bloody gap in his mouth.

I think the only one having a better day today is Paul Manafort.

Stay tuned to find out what next week will bring, which most likely will be my kids expressing an intense desire to live in a place with year-round schooling.

H.O. Boy!

Changes are in the works for this here blog — more details on that in weeks to come.

Meanwhile, I am pleased as punch to announce that I have been welcomed into the ranks of writers over at Humor Outcasts.

My first essay is live on the site. Please stop by, say hello, then click through and browse the site. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Have a wonderful week!

May Month in Review — or Is It Just Me?

I realize I’m likely alone in this, but plopping Mother’s Day down in the middle of May was a pretty snarky thing to do.  The reasoning probably has something to do with springtime and flowers (and the history of the holiday itself is fascinating and a little tragic), but for Pete’s sake, people.

May is end-of-everything season. Continue reading May Month in Review — or Is It Just Me?