Blurry — March 2019 Month in Review


Let me summarize the last month by assaulting your eyeballs:

You’re welcome. I’m certain I am the only one who has used “March Madness” in a totally non-basketball related way.

I finished my month-long course – humor writing as you can surely tell from my first line – and am only now squinting at the sun, rubbing my eyes, craning my stiff neck and trying to crawl out from loads of laundry that were left undone.

I spent a good 20 or so hours a week on this class, some of it good ol’ fashioned ass-in-seat work, some of it constant mulling over figuring out what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it.

I’m not the fastest wordsmith in the Midwest.

But it’s done, I learned things and grew, now I have all this room in my life again. I can expand.

Good timing because we’re about to enter baseball/recital/family celebration/holiday/end-of-school-year/shit-ton of parties/what do you mean you grew out of those clothes I just bought last week season.

Spring break came and went. We took the kids to some shows, ate a lot, visited family, and regrouped, which is what we generally like to do. We’re not huge believers in filling every second of kids’ free time with preplanned activities or arts and crafts or visits to kid zones, and they were more than happy to go outside at the first crack of sunshine we had. I’m sad we’re back to the routine, but they need to fill their noggins with some school learnin’.

There’s not a whole lot more to report, but I’m looking forward to an April that starts to see some blooms from the seeds that were planted these last few months.

Wait…maybe I can…find something here under this pile of papers…

Wait, please don’t go. I’m sorry. I’m completely bonkers.

To make it up to you, may I offer you in some badassedness from Sandra Oh?


Or perhaps a little Queen?

Or just something for fun?

Or something else for fun and maybe a little controversial, particularly around lunchtime?


See you next week!

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